Dangerous Electric Cigarettes Found....

Several boxes of ‘electronic cigarettes’ have been seized by Suffolk Trading Standards at Mannings Market in Felixstowe.

Electronic cigarettes provide an alternative to the traditional method of smoking by turning liquid nicotine in to a vapour that users can inhale. Tests results identified extremely worrying levels of liquid nicotine, known as ‘E liquid’, sold by the trader in 10ml bottles. This liquid is used to top up replacement nicotine tips that are sold with the electronic cigarettes.

On analysis, each 10ml bottle contains 235mg of nicotine. Research suggests that the lethal nicotine dose is around 60mg for an adult and 10mg for a child. The packaging makes no attempt to warn consumers of the dangers of liquid nicotine and does not state how much is actually present in the E liquid.

Colin Spence, Portfolio Holder for Public Protection, said; “We are extremely concerned by what we have discovered. Not only are there no warnings on the box but, according to an analyst, the nicotine substance is not contained in child proof packaging. 

"The electronic cigarettes have been found to be electrically unsafe. Anybody who has purchased an electronic cigarette or an E-liquid product from Manning’s Market, or anywhere else, should stop using it immediately and either dispose of it or return it to the seller for a refund." 

If these products are found on sale please contact the Trading Standards Department immediately on 01473 264 859.