Darsham: Investigation After Farm Death

An investigations by police and the HSE has started after the death of a man at a farm in Darsham in Suffolk.

Police and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) are investigating after the death of a man on farm premises at Darsham.

Officers were initially contacted around 6.40pm on Monday, 19 December, after a report that a man had collapsed at the site.


Ambulance personnel and police officers attended and attempts were made by both to resuscitate the man, however he was pronounced dead at the scene.


It was initially thought the death was due to natural causes and, as standard procedure with any sudden death, a post mortem examination was carried out.


During this he was found to have internal injuries and the post mortem was halted.


Earlier today, Friday 23 December, a Home Office post mortem was carried out and the man - named as Neville Bloss, 53, from the Stradbroke area of Suffolk - was found to have died from compressive chest injuries. Police and the HSE are now investigating exactly what occurred. Anyone with information about this incident should contact police on 101 or the Health & Safety Executive.