Drugs Found in Coconut Milk Powder

8 September 2011, 05:00

An attempt to smuggle cocaine into the UK hidden in packets of coconut milk powder has been stopped by UK Border Agency officers at Stansted Airport.

The kilo of cocaine, worth approximately £50,000, had been concealed within nine packets of coconut milk powder.

The packets of coconut milk powder were detected in a parcel which also contained packets of curry powder and black pepper.

The package arrived at Stansted on the 25th of August and was declared to contain homemade preserved non-perishable food items with a value of $19. The packets of coconut milk powder were supposed to weigh 50 grammes but weights of between 80 and 120 grammes were detected.

Sarah Wolstenholme, UK Border Agency assistant director at Stansted Airport, said:

"Criminals are prepared to go to elaborate lengths to get drugs into the UK. The challenge for us is to stay one step ahead of the organised gangs behind this vile industry. Our highly skilled officers work tirelessly using the latest technology to detect and prevent drugs from being smuggled into the UK."

Anyone with information about suspected drug smuggling should phone the UK Border Agency hotline on 0800 59 5000.