Glimmer Of Hope For Airshow

Organisers of Lowestoft Airshow say there's a slight 'glimmer of hope' which could mean the event can still take place in 2013.

Airshow organisers say they were humbled last week by surprise offers to start an underwriting fund – that could – if successful, potentially save the airshow.

 At an evening to reward voluntary organisations for their help at the airshow, two separate offers were made to underwrite part of the £60K needed to build up the event’s wet weather contingency fund.

 One came from a community group and the other from a business man and in total their offer was for approximately £5,500.

 Paul Bayfield managing Director of Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival Ltd said “this was a spontaneous and generous offer and it was typical of the support that we have from this wonderful group of people.

 If we could have at least another eleven similar offers, then there was a very strong possibility that the Airshow could be saved.

 Mr Bayfield added “underwriting may be a more attractive option to businesses or supporters who want to save the airshow – as their funds would only be needed if the income from a future airshow failed to reach the break-even point.”

 Since making the announcement that a Lowestoft airshow in 2013 was unlikely, Mr Bayfield has had a lot of supportive correspondence. He said “I am very heartened by all the letters that I have received but we need the financial backing before we can consider rescinding our cancellation decision.

 It would be really wonderful if eleven people or more came forward offering to underwrite us by at least £5K each! Time is tight and we would need to hear from prospective underwriters by the 21st September.”