Ipswich: More Shops Ban Super-Strength Alcohol

18 December 2012, 15:22 | Updated: 18 December 2012, 15:33

More shops have joined a campaign by Ipswich police to ban super strength alcohol in the town.

British Home Stores, Marks and Spencer and Debenhams have now all signed up to the campaign and have agreed that none of their Ipswich-based stores will sell super strength alcohol.

Although the campaign is voluntary, Debenhams have also agreed to make this a permanent part of their licence, by making a minor variation to their licensing conditions, preventing the store from selling these drinks permanently.

The campaign, run by Suffolk Police, was launched in the town in September, and aims to stop the sale of super strength beer, lager and cider from off-licensed premises.

The East of England Co-Op, Tesco and Martin McColl were the first to sign up.  Waitrose has also agreed to the voluntary ban.

Sixty-four stores are now signed up, meaning over half of the premises in the town are on board.

John Alcock, Street Drinking Liaison Officer said, “We are extremely pleased that we are continuing to gain support for our campaign, which will have such a positive effect on community life in Ipswich.

“Various pro-active initiatives such as this are ongoing in Ipswich at the moment and we are seeing some fantastic results for the town.

“It is very important that our local retailers continue to support us and help us in achieving these long-lasting results.  We will continue to work with both national and independent retailers in the town to talk about the benefits of becoming super strength free and the importance of removing this harmful drink from our stores.”