Ipswich Pothole Repair Campaign Launched

26 March 2010, 05:57 | Updated: 26 March 2010, 06:07

A “let’s fix the potholes” campaign is under way in Ipswich.

The Borough Council now has dedicated teams working to repair minor roads hit by the recent bad weather – thanks to extra funding from the County Council.

The County is adding a one-off payment of £50,000 to the extra £180,000 it is already allocating for repairs needed following the bad winter.  The Borough Council carries out highways maintenance for the County Council, which is the Highways Authority.

Councillor Tanya De Hoedt, the Borough’s transport portfolio-holder, said: “This is going to make a real difference to Ipswich’s roads by enabling us to repair potholes across the town more quickly. Of course, this is an expensive business but we have negotiated successfully with the County Council to get this extra £230,000 funding and this enables us to take action now.

“Many people are reporting potholes that have been caused by the icy weather during the winter.  Now spring is here and with this extra support from the County Council we are able to ramp up our resources to take real effective action.”

Councillor Guy McGregor, the County Council’s Transport portfolio-holder, said: “We’re working together to sort this problem out. The weather has caused us a major headache across Suffolk but we are determined to do everything we can to put things right. Here in Ipswich this extra funding will enable us to repair potholes in residential areas and hopefully people will notice a marked improvement over the coming months.”