Ipswich: Your Chance to Quiz Train Bosses

A big meeting's happening in Ipswich today giving you the chance to ask questions and give feedback about the changes you want to see made to the region's rail service.

Ben Gummer MP has organised an open meeting with senior members of Network Rail and National Express East Anglia so that the residents of Ipswich can finally have their say on their rail service.

The meeting will take place at the St Nicholas Centre on the 21st January from 12.00-14.00 where commuters will be able to voice their concerns directly to their service provider as well as the company in charge of rail infrastructure.  This will be an invaluable opportunity for these companies to hear at firsthand the experience of commuters and for commuters to receive a detailed explanation of the poor service to which they are too often subjected.


Ben said: “Time and time again I hear from regular rail users in Ipswich their frustration at not being able to talk to Network Rail, who are responsible for many of the delays on the line.  I have been forceful in putting these issues to Sir David Higgins, the chief executive of Network Rail, but I wanted to ensure that Network Rail faced my constituents themselves.  Network Rail has some good plans to do better and it should have an opportunity to explain these to commuters.  But it is also important that it takes responsibility when it lets down passengers and listens to their frustrations.  I hope that this meeting will go some way towards starting a true dialogue between commuters and the companies that run their rail service.”


 Those attending will include:

  • Ben Gummer MP;
  • Dave Ward, Route Managing Director for East Anglia, Network Rail;
  • A senior representative from National Express East Anglia;