Latitude Crime Precautions

With just one day to go until the start of this year's Latitude Festival, Heart's being told about what's being done to keep it safe.

The Festival, which is now in its sixth year at Henham Park near Southwold lasts for four days and sees acts like K T Tunstall and Paulo Nutini performing.

Crime reduction sheets are being handed out to try and ensure this year's festival is safe and enjoyable for everyone. 

Officers are giving out advice to try and reduce the chance of criminals ruining the festival and the crime reduction sheet offers lots of tips to visitors.

Chief Inspector David Cutler says: "The number of people attending means Latitude is the size of a small town and while while we appreciate that it is relaxed, good natured and family-friendly place to be, unfortunately there are some who take advantage of this.

Events like Latitude give you the opportunity to meet new people, but start off with your friends so people know who you're with, meet somewhere public and perhaps take a picture of your new friends on your phone and text a mate. Be really clear about what you say 'yes' and 'no' to. Don't get pressurised into doing anything you're not comfortable with and don't go off with anyone you're not sure of.

Remember that alcohol can alter you perception of situations and can make you more vulnerable to those who might take advantage. Staying with trusted friends is the best way to enjoy your weekend."

Messages are being posted on websites and Facebook but main the advice form the police is to remain with friends at all times and don't go off with strangers.