Less Council Tax for Thousands...

Ipswich Borough council have announced they're reducing the council tax charge by one percent

They reckon they're able to do it because over the last few years they've been making savings to prepare.

Over the next 12 months, £2.1 million will be cut from their spending by a large number of proposed measures, including:

* Not replacing one Corporate Director and a Head of Service (£172,000 savings per year);
* Appointing a Chief Executive on a lower salary (£30,000 savings);
* Sub-letting part of its Grafton House HQ to another organisation (£100,000 income in the first year and more in the second year);
* Working with a community group at Whitton Sports Centre (£70,000 savings);
* Working with Babergh and Mid Suffolk councils on providing a more efficient benefits & revenues service.

A further £1 million will be cut from spending in 2012/2013.

Deputy Leader of Ipswich Borough council John Carnall told Heart; "We don't see this as a temporary measure, we've been making big savings over the last five years and our intention is by 2015 council tax should be lower than it is today."