A-Level Results Out Today

18 August 2011, 06:00

With A-Level results out today, Heart's been finding out about the best places to get advice and what to do if you haven't got the grades you were expecting.

Suffolk County Council's Curriculum Support Coordinator Jackie Phipps has been speaking to us about what you can do:

"You're making an expensive decision if it isn't the right one. So perhaps taking a year out and having a think about what you really want to do and getting some work experience behind you might be a better investment."

However, with lots of students concerned about the rise in tuition fees coming in from 2012, there has been a drop in the number of people deferring entry to University. Jackie Phipps added, "I think one of the important things to remember about next year is although a lot of Universities are saying their course fees are going to be £9000, for you personally, as a student, it might not be that much because there's a lot of scholarships and a lot of bursaries out there so for you it may not be that much money."

To hear more advice and other alternatives to going to University just clink on the link below.

Pre-A-Level Result Information

There will be some careers advice staff available in schools and colleges. If you have applied through UCAS you can check with them to see if you've been accepted.


There is a Helpline available on 080 800 13219.


Norfolk County Council has set up an advice line on: 0344 800 8022 and a website: www.helpyouchoose.org

Suffolk County Council has set up a website: http://www.thesource.me.uk/ for all the information on what is available locally, including things like apprenticeships, training and jobs.