Lollypop Ladies Axed.

Councillors who are at a meeting to discuss the future of services in Suffolk have voted to cut school crossing patrols.

Suffolk County Council have been holding talks all this afternoon about how to make millions of pounds worth of savings by making cutbacks in areas like bus services, recycling centres and school crossing patrols.

Councillors at the meeting took just over 4 hours to vote on the amendant to save the lollypop ladies and were defeated 40-22.

Tania Johnson is the headteacher at Horringer Court Middle School near Bury St Edmunds and has had to stand in as a lollypop lady to make sure the children get across the roads safely.

She told HEART without someone to cross those children over, I can see accidents happening quite regularly all over the place. Cars now travel far faster than they should, there's more cars on the road and all of those things will contribute to more accidents.

They're now considering other spending cuts and making votes on other services in areas such as bus services and recycling centres.