Lotto Winner Speaks To Heart

12 July 2011, 07:45 | Updated: 12 July 2011, 07:49

With £166 million still up for grabs on the rollover Euromillions jackpot, a lottery winner from our region has been telling Heart she thinks tonight's jackpot could be a bit too much.

Former Asda worker Sue Stebbings from Beccles in Suffolk who won a £5,629,964 share of the Lotto Double Rollover jackpot in December has been at an exclusive gathering of some of the region's biggest Lottery winners.

She joined 30 other local winners at the millionaire garden party held at Boreham House Stately Home in Essex.

Sue told Heart the £166 million jackpot could be a lot for one person to handle: " I don't think anyone would know what to do with that. I mean, we've sort of struggled with 5.6 but 166 is just ridiculous. We're still the same people, we've still got the same friends, we still do the same things, we've just obviously got the money if we want to something we can just go out and buy it now and have holidays when we want."

Even after her big win, Sue says she still plays: "Got a bigger house, cars, couldn't believe it. I mean I still do the lottery now - still got the same numbers - but I never ever win on them - it's always lucky dips."

Since The National Lottery started, 264 millionaires have been created and over £1.1 billion has been paid out in major prizes in the east of England.