Man Loses Eight Stone

27 August 2011, 06:00

Heart's been finding out how a man managed to lose eight stone in just one year.

48-year-old Robert Lambert from Haverhill in Suffolk went from twenty two stone to fourteen by following a slimming club programme.

He says he mainly lost the weight by eating healthily and cutting out sweets and biscuits.

However he also told us that he had some motivation: "My niece announced she was getting married and hinted that I might try and lose a bit of weight before the wedding."

Robert also told us not only does he feel healthier but it also helps with his job as a mechanic:

"For a start I probably feel probably 10 years younger. I've got a lot more energy than I used to have. Work is a lot easier because I can bend and stretch and I can get into cars that I couldn't get into very easily before."

Robert Lambert BeforeRobert Lambert

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