National Schools Film Week

14 October 2010, 05:00

National Schools Film Week 14 Oct -22 October 2010

Thousands of school children from across Suffolk and Norfolk will be going to the cinema free of charge during National Schools Film Week

The Festival's goal is to support classroom teaching by providing schools with a powerful experience for their students that links directly to elements of the curriculum - supported by an on-line library of resources related to individual films and more generic topics - essentially an extension of the classroom.

More than 400,000 students and their teachers attended the Festival in 2009 and this year the Festival there are 2,800 screenings at 570 cinemas across the UK.

There are cinemas taking part in:

Bury St Edmunds

Nick Walker, Director, National Schools Film Week said
"We hope that teachers and students feel engaged in the Festival and realise that attending a NSFW screening is far more than a nice trip to the cinema. We do this by giving schools added talks and on-line resources to contextualise the film; to empower teachers by giving them the opportunity to programme which films they feel tie in with school topics at their local cinema and finally to encourage students to explore new worlds by seeing films they wouldn't ordinarily choose."

Sam Petchi's a teacher at Lionwood Infant school in Norwich and told Heart why they get their children taking part every year: "It's not just about going out for the morning and looking at our local environment, it's about watching a film, the work that happens before, the discussion that happens before and also obviously afterwards as well."

She added, "A lot of children have never been to the cinema. It's opening it out for all families. It's not just the journey to the cinema, it's not just watching the film - it's the whole experience."

All booking details and info about which cinemas are taking part can be found at