New Arrival At Banham Zoo

10 May 2011, 12:22 | Updated: 10 May 2011, 12:30

There's been a new arrival at Banham Zoo

The newest addition at the zoo is a baby giraffe, born during the evening of 26th April 2011 and is the third baby for mum Aisling.

Aisling was one of the first giraffe to take residence in the zoo's new Giraffe house which was officially opened to the public in March 2008 and currently houses six giraffe (including the new arrival) and this is her 3rd infant.

The calf, standing more than 5ft tall, hasn't been named yey but keepers were quick to spot that the new baby is a 'he' and have started to consider suitable names.

Keepers gave mum and baby additional privacy for the first few days whilst they bonded but visitors are now being allowed into the house again to see the latest member of the giraffe herd.

Mother and baby will remain separated from the main herd for a little while yet just to be certain that the calf is strong enough to withstand life with his much taller companions but it won't be long before mum and baby will be reintegrated back into the main group.

Aisling's previous calf, Honey, is now 19 months old and is still at the zoo, staff fully expect her to take a keen interest in her new baby brother when mother and calf are reintroduced to the group later this month.

Giraffe Banham 1Giraffe Banham 2