NHS Staff Survey: Suffolk Results

19 March 2010, 07:04 | Updated: 19 March 2010, 07:07

More than 69%of staff at NHS Suffolk and the county's Community Healthcare say they're working too many hours.

The statistics, published in a new Care Quality Commission report, puts them among the worst 20% of similar sized PCTs in the country.

Staff gave feedback on the amount of physical violence they experience from patients and relatives. Suffolk's figures were above the national average.

NHS Suffolk is ranked amongst the top 20% of NHS organisations in key areas including its commitment to diversity and equality, its delivery of health and safety training and the focus it places on the importance of hand-washing amongst staff and patients in order to prevent illness.

Suffolk's two hospitals were also included in the survey. Nearly 100% of staff at Ipswich Hospital staff feel their role makes a difference.

Staff at West Suffolk Hospital meanwhile were found to experience an above average amount of violence from patients and relatives.