Norfolk and Suffolk PCC: Voting Guide

If you're heading to the polling stations to vote for the new Police Crime Commisioner, we've got all the details you need.

When do the PCC elections take place?
Each police force area will hold an election on Thursday 15 November 2012,
and the hours of poll will be from 7am to 10pm.

What will commissioners do?
PCCs will be responsible for:

  • Representing and engaging with  communities
  • Setting priorities and preparing the police and crime plan
  • Appointing and dismissing (if necessary) the chief constable
  • Holding the chief constable to account
  • Setting the policing budget and the council tax precept (the amount of money from your council tax used to pay for police services)
  • Publishing an annual report that tells you whether policing priorities and targets have been met.

Which voting system will be used to select PCCs?
The election for the new PCC will use the supplementary vote (SV) system
where voters will be able to vote for a first and second choice candidate.

When will the next elections take place?
After the November 2012 elections, the next election will take place in May
2016, and every subsequent four years.

Who can I vote for?

In Norfolk, the candidates are:

  • Jamie Athill - Conservative Party
  • Stephen Bett - Independent
  • James Joyce - Liberal Democrats
  • Steve Morphew - Labour Party
  • Matthew Smith – UKIP

In Suffolk, the candidates are:

  • Jane Patricia Basham - Labour Party
  • David Cocks - Independent
  • Bill Mountford - United Kingdom Independence Party
  • Tim Passmore - Conservative Party