Norfolk & Suffolk: Drink Drive Campaigns

13 July 2012, 13:00

Police in Suffolk and Norfolk have released the results of their month long Drink Drive campaigns this summer.

In Suffolk, a third failed breath tests recorded during the force's Summer Drink Drive campaign followed a collision.

Despite seeing an overall decrease from last year in the amount of breath tests that were failed during the month-long operation, 33% of the total number of positive tests recorded were conducted following a collision.

The campaign began on 1st June and saw officers across Suffolk conduct 951 breath tests. Of those tests 82 were positive, which equates to 8.6 per cent, and 27 of those were failed by drivers who had been involved in a collision.

Sgt Paul Ward of the Collision Reduction Team said: "Driving when over the legal limit is incredibly dangerous and these results demonstrate exactly that. Those offending need to realise that they are not just putting themselves at risk but other innocent road users as well. This is a very serious issue and can have severe consequences."

During the same campaign last year officers conducted 507 breath tests, of which 111 (21.9%) were positive, meaning failed tests have fallen this year by 13.3%.

Of this year's 951 tests that were recorded 206 were conducted on those aged 25 years and under with 14 of these being positive, the equivalent of 7%. 745 were conducted on those over 25 with 68 being positive (9%).

The highest percentage failure was amongst males aged 25 and over, where 9.4% of all breath tests were failed.

Sgt Ward added: "Last year's results were disappointing so it is good to see an improvement in the figures, especially with the European Championships and the Queen's Jubilee being held during the campaign. However, we must not rest on our laurels and have to acknowledge the fact that just under ten percent of drivers tested were above the legal limit.

This year more tests were carried out than during last year's campaign and I hope that acts as a warning to motorists - if you drink and drive you should not think you will get away with it. If you break the law and drive over the limit our officers will be waiting to catch you.
Drink or drug-driving is one of the fatal four driving offences and will not be tolerated by Suffolk Police. This remains a priority and we will continue to do checks throughout the year."

In Norfolk, road safety partnership are welcoming the fact that the majority of road users in Norfolk enjoyed a month of sport without breaking the drink drive laws. 

Figures for the whole of the summer drink drive campaign show only 2% of the people who were stopped and breath tested gave a positive result (2038 tests, 36 positives).  

The month-long "Dont be a Loser" campaign began on 1st June 2012 with officers conducting breath tests countywide. 

The worst offending group was again those aged over the age of 25 with 72% of those who failed a breath test being above that age ( 26 were over 25 and the remaining 10 were under 25).  

Iain Temperton, Chair of Think! Norfolk's road safety publicity group added: "It is good to see that most drivers have a sensible approach to this issue; it is just as encouraging to note that those who choose to break the law and gamble with their own and other peoples safety have been dealt with by effective Roads Policing."

Inspector David Ball, Road Policing, praised the results saying: "These are pleasing results. It is clear that the vast majority of drivers on our roads are fully aware of the dangers of drink driving and will not risk the lives of themselves and others. We will, of course, continue to do our utmost to put before the courts those who are foolish enough to continue to do so."

If caught drink driving, the driver will potentially risk peoples' lives and can receive a fine of up to £5000, a minimum 12 month driving ban and a criminal record.

Anyone who suspects someone of drink-driving is asked to report them immediately to the police or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Sgt Paul Ward From Suffolk Police Speaks To Heart