Norfolk & Suffolk Police: Fuel Advice

29 March 2012, 13:53 | Updated: 29 March 2012, 14:36

Suffolk and Norfolk Police are telling Heart they want people to not to panic buy over a possible strike by fuel tanker drivers.

A Constabulary spokesman said: "It is business as usual for Suffolk and Norfolk police but, in line with Government advice and in consultation with the Local Resilience Forums, we are in the process of reviewing our contingency plans with a view to protecting and minimising impact to local police services. 

We await further guidance on the timing and implications of strike action in this region. There is currently no disruption to fuel supply nationally or locally. Motorists are being advised not to 'panic buy' and remain sensible at the petrol pumps and not to block public roads leading into these. 

People filling fuel containers should refer to their local Fire Service for safety advice and regulations surrounding this." 

Police advice for motorists:

A spokesman said: "Police in Suffolk and Norfolk are advising motorists not to panic buy fuel.

There is currently no shortage of fuel supply nationally or locally and people do not need to depart from their usual purchasing behaviour at this time.

However, we are aware that demand is increasing at some filling stations around the county which may cause some short-term disruption. 

We remind motorists queuing for fuel that public carriageways must remain clear and not be blocked.

People can be reassured that there is currently no impact on local policing services. 

We are, in line with Government advice, currently reviewing our contingency plans to ensure our services can be protected and maintained in the event of strike action." 

Advice From Police Over Possible Fuel Tanker Strike