Olly Murs Comes To Ipswich

Olly Murs has taken to Twitter to talk about his gig last night at the Ipswich Regent.

He was performing to a sold out crowd and tweeted:

" IPSWICH...Loving the SUFFOLK GIRLS!!! See u in the summer when I'm back up near your neck of the woods in norfolk..NORWICH with @JLSOfficial"

Heart caught up with Olly and asked him whether he thought any of his songs might have been played at a certain Royal Wedding reception this week:

"I love it if they were playing Olly Murs, that would be good. I heard that obviously Ellie Goulding played there. I mean I would have loved to have got the offer, any singer across the world would have loved to have been offered. It's a momentous occasion so, I'd love it if their first dance was 'Please Don't Let Me Go' or 'Thinking Of Me' or something - that'd be quite funny wouldn't it?'

You can hear more of the interview with Olly by clicking below.

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