Orford: Couple Rescued After Car Falls In River

3 September 2013, 16:52 | Updated: 3 September 2013, 16:54

Two people have been rescued by wuick thinking members of the public after a car went off the end of the Quay at Orford this afternoon.

Police were called at 2.55pm, Tuesday 3 September, to reports a people carrier vehicle had gone off the end into the river with two people still inside the car.

The initial report to the control room call taker said the car was vertical, nose down, with water already up to the passenger door and that the two older occupants appeared to be trapped.

A police spokesperson said: "There were reports that about five other members of the public were holding onto the car to prevent it slipping or being swept away.

"Police were dispatched and fire and ambulance alerted.

"With officers on the way it appears someone had also got a dinghy into the water to try and assist and a female passenger is believed to have managed to climb safely aboard this.

"At this stage the driver was still in the car and a rope had been attached to the vehicle, with the water line continuing to rise. A few minutes later he also managed to get into the dinghy safely.

"It’s thought neither of the people in the car has been injured but both have been left shaken and have been taken to Ipswich Hospital for checks.

"The automatic vehicle has now been recovered from the water."