Police Body-cams

New body-cams used to bring down crime levels in Suffolk...

Known criminals are being followed by police with special body-cams as they start a new  three-month operation to help bring down crime levels.

They'll be using them in Lowestoft, Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds and are hoping to use footage from them as evidence - something that's already happened in Norfolk.

Suffolk Police say they're telling the people they're following what they're doing, and have sent out letters explaining that they will be openly watched and filmed.

Detective Inspector Karl Storey told Heart; "The idea is to stop these people committing crime. we'll follow them around every day, talk to them and contact them every day until they stop or we put them in prison."

At the same time their targets are being offered support from members of the Suffolk Drug and Alcohol Action Team.

They'll be using them in Lowestoft, Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds in a special three month operation.

Operation Apache is to support police work and provide footage to be used as evidence in court.

Suffolk Drug and Alcohol Team Manager Louise Jupp say she's pleased that her teams are being used as part of the police operation: "This enables our specialist drug and alcohol workers to make contact with drug-using offenders and encourage them to access such treatment and facilities which can really help them recover from their addiction."