Police Operation Sees Results

A three month police campaign to bring down crime has seen nearly 30 arrests and 60 charges as a result.

Operation Apache was started in the middle of January by Suffolk police.

Its where they followed around people they knew were likely to commit crimes like theft or burglary, and if they were doing it to pay for drugs or alcohol they'd get referred for help.

Consequently 28 arrests have been made, which in turn have resulted in: 58 charges, 1 Community Resolution, 5 offences reported for consideration, and offenders remain on bail for a further 12 offenc

In total, for the three-month period 134 offences were recorded which include 26 thefts, 22 theft from motor vehicle, 14 burglary dwellings, 12 criminal damage, 10 burglary other and 6 offences of going equipped.

Detective Inspector Andy Footer, who ran the operation said:

“Operation Apache has proved to be an effective weapon in our arsenal of tactics to use in the war against burglary, car crime, thefts and street robberies. By targeting these individuals, they have been unable to commit a number of offences. Over 200 home visits were made to the individuals, emphasising our commitment to the operation. The intelligence submitted and the teamwork involved has reiterated the point that the individuals targeted are indeed not just nuisance youths or children, but active and prolific offenders, who by their illegal activities, cause misery to local residents.”