Riot At Suffolk Prison

Several officers have been injured and two inmates have been taken to hospital after inmates went on the rampage at Warren Hill Young Offenders Institution in Woodbridge.

48 inmates needed to be transferred to other prisons across the country after about 100 prison places were lost as a result of the disturbance at Warren Hill, the Prison Officers' Association (POA) said.

The riot was prompted when a number of inmates were prevented from having free and unfettered access to the telephone and leisure facilities following incidents of alleged bullying of other juveniles, a POA spokesman said.

"They reacted with venom, causing significant damage to the prison and two prisoners being hospitalised with a number of staff injured whilst trying to deal with the riot,'' he said.

"This is the third serious incident this year at Warren Hill which has had to be dealt with by prison officers, this time resulting in a damaging loss of prisoner accommodation.''

Tom Robson, acting national chairman of the POA, said: "The level of violence in our prisons is totally unacceptable and this incident is not uncommon in our juvenile and young offender establishments.

We are seeking an urgent meeting with the regional custodial manager to look at resolving these issues and preventing further violence and damage to prison property, which will all result in significant costs to the taxpayer.''

Another spokeswoman added, "Prison Service Tornado teams entered the wing at 5.40am and the situation is now under control.

Prisons are secure and ordered environments housing a complex and challenging population.

Incidents are dealt with professionally and efficiently by trained Prison Service staff. We will always press for the most serious charges to be laid against those who commit acts of violence in our prisons.''