Safer Internet For Suffolk Children

9 February 2010, 12:29 | Updated: 9 February 2010, 12:47

Suffolk police say in the last ten years there's been an increase in reports of cyber-bullying and grooming online.

Now agencies across the county are joining to get the message home to parents and remind children to 'think before they post'.

Representatives from all organisations across the county who are involved with children, young people and their families, attended presentations this morning  on Safer Internet Day, about what can be done here to look after children online.

There is now funding here to work with the voluntary and youth sector, parents and children to learn together about safety.

The Assistant Chief Constable at Suffolk Police, Stewart Gull, said: "We are starting to see an increase in cyber bulling. We all know that children are very savvy as far as the internet is concerned, probably more so than a number of adults. It's about just ensuring that you know when they're online, who they are talking to."

Rosie Carter from the charity SAFEchild said: "Two and three year olds nowadays can access the computer and control the mouse, so in fact children by the age of ten are getting very, very skilled, so I think its up to parents to start talking to their children and look to see what they are accessing."