Sand not stolen

Despite claims in the local and national media, there have still been no confirmed reports of anyone having taken sand off any of Felixstowe's beaches during the recent wintery conditions.

Last week, Felixstowe police confirmed that they had not received any complaints about sand being taken, and staff at Suffolk Coastal have not seen or heard of anyone raiding any of the resort's beaches.

"This snowball of a story has grown and grown in each repeating but without any proof that anyone has actually taken any sand off our beaches, which given that for most of the time they have been covered in snow is hardly a surprise," said Cllr Doreen Savage, Cabinet Member for Customers and Partners.

"I was asked by the press for a comment about sand being taken, and said I had not heard of anyone doing this and would be surprised if anyone was, and all the available evidence suggests no-one has. I did point out that it would be against the law if anyone did remove sand from our beaches but this was done from an information point of view. I suspect that if anyone in Felixstowe wanted sand for their path or road, they would probably go to a builders' yard," added Cllr Savage.

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