Schools Could Miss Out On Free Olympics Tickets

16 December 2011, 05:00 | Updated: 16 December 2011, 12:18

Today is the last day schools across Norfolk and Suffolk can sign up to get free Olympics tickets for pupils aged 10 or over.

Lots of schools have already applied to join the Get Set Network, a special educational programme to help the 2012 games inspire children to learn, however, some are yet to sign up.

If schools do join they can get things like:

- Tours of the Olympic Park,
- Visis from Olympians and Paralympians and
- An allocation of free tickets to the Games for schools that have pupils aged 10 and over
Being registered with Get Set is not the same thing as being a member of the Get Set network. Registered schools and colleges must apply to join using a form telling London 2012 what they have done or what they have planned which is inspired by the Games.

Adam Baker: Suffolk Project Manager for the Olympics

Chloe Smith, MP for Norwich North, has also been encouraging local schools to sign up.

She said: "I urge local schools to seize this wonderful opportunity and apply for tickets for pupils to attend the London 2012 Olympic Games. With a rail link from Norwich to Stratford access to the Olympic Games Park is beneficial to local schools wanting to take advantage of this opportunity."

The form is available online at, along with lots of advice and guidance on completing the application.