Suffolk: Broadband Campaign Extended

1 April 2012, 08:21 | Updated: 1 April 2012, 09:26

People and businesses in Suffolk are still being urged to show their support for the Better Broadband for Suffolk campaign.

The deadline was initially this weekend but that has now been put back by two weeks. 

So far, around 11,000 have signed up to the campaign and despite the initial target being set at 10,000, the County Council says it hopes if the deadline is extended even more people will get involved and anyone who hasn't been able to take part yet now can. 

You now have until April 14th to sign up. 

The reason behind the survey is to show internet companies and providers that there is a need for faster broadband in Suffolk and it's hoped the more people who show that there is a demand for it - the more likely companies are to invest in the county.  

The Better Broadband for Suffolk business survey can be found online:

SCC Leader Mark Bee On Broadband Deadline Extension