Suffolk: Police Awarded For Bravery

16 June 2012, 06:00

Police Officers from Suffolk Constabulary have been awarded for outstanding acts of bravery and dedication.

The Suffolk Constabulary Awards Ceremony, which was held at their police headquarters in Martlesham Heath, saw twenty awards being presented to individuals, teams of police officers and special constables.

The Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk Lord Tollemache was at the ceremony along with many other special guests to present the awards.

Police Constable Steve Jay and police dog Aman of the Suffolk Constabulary Dog Unit received the Aceroon Trophy in recognition of their extreme bravery shown on October 25, last year. 

PC Jay and Aman tackled a man armed with a knife, who had already stabbed a person and resisted the effects of PAVA spray and a Taser.

The force says that despite the obvious dangers, PC Jay placed his own life in jeopardy in order to arrest the man, sustaining stab wounds whilst doing so. 

They added that police dog Aman also received stab wounds whilst continuing to show utmost courage and perseverance in disarming and restraining the offender.

PC Steve Jay told Heart he was delighted to receive the award:

PC Steve Jay Speaks To Heart

Other awards given out were: 

Cheryl Lloyd Award:

The Cheryl Lloyd Award is being presented to the Personal Safety Training Team based at Police Headquarters, the team of seven deliver professional and expert training to police officers and staff throughout the force.

Colin Spence Award:

The Colin Spence Award is presented to the Police Support Volunteer who has displayed exceptional commitment to the Constabulary. Alex Garle is a volunteer Speedwatch Co-ordinator based in Ipswich who Suffolk Police says has demonstrated enthusiasm and professionalism and trained news volunteers.

Godfrey Cup:

Special Inspector Martyn Fulcher, based in Ipswich, is being presented with the Godfrey Cup in recognition of his leadership within the Special Constabulary where he has successfully managed and led the largest single Specials unit in the county and is considered a valued member of the Special Constabulary.

Martin Smith Award:

Police Constable Niall Johnson from the Sudbury Neighbourhood Response Team is being presented with the Martin Smith Award for his dedication and professionalism shown policing the Sudbury area, which Suffolk Police says is evident in his high detection and conviction rate proving him a willing, hard working member of the team.

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