Suffolk Schoolgirl With Alopecia

16 February 2010, 06:10 | Updated: 16 February 2010, 06:20

A Suffolk schoolgirl has lost all her hair after being bullied at school.

13 year old Sophie Nixon from Lowestoft has reportedly lost hair on her head, as well as her eyebrows. She suffers from stress-related alopecia.

Sophie's Headteacher Paul Herrod said:" Roman Hill Middle has a detailed Anti-Bullying and Behaviour Policy. It is implemented throughout the school by all staff who expect and achieve the high standards necessary for the children to feel safe, to learn well and make good progress.  

Parents are encouraged to contact school if ever they have a concern. Fortunately, instances of bullying are rare at Roman Hill Middle, but are always taken seriously - they dealt with on the day firmly by senior staff in an open and constructive manner. Parents are always informed and involved. A recent Ofsted report (2008) praised the good behaviour of the children, noting that infrequent instances of bullying were quickly addressed by the school.

It would not be appropriate to comment in detail about the particular circumstances of this case but I can say Sophie has daily contact with a senior member of staff to check on her welfare. A special assembly was held last Autumn term with Sophie to explain her condition to all the children who have in general been very understanding. Mrs Nixon made us aware of some isolated bullying behaviour and it was dealt with as a matter of urgency. Both parents and Sophie attended meetings with myself and our Home/School Inclusion Coordinator to address her needs and circumstances as they arise.  Assurances were made by myself and immediate action taken. There have been no further instances of reported bullying."

Gail Porter (pictured here) famously suffers with alopecia. In 2005 stress caused her hair loss, but rather than wearing wigs, Gail maintained a public profile and raised awareness of the condition. She became Ambassador for the Little Princess Trust, a charity which provides wigs to children with hairloss.

Heart's spoken to a support group in Suffolk set up to help people who suffer from alopecia. Hear more from its David Utley this morning.