Suffolk: Sizewell B Back In Service

15 May 2012, 13:38 | Updated: 15 May 2012, 13:41

Heart's being told that Sizewell B nuclear power station in Suffolk is now back online.

The reactor was shutdown at 7am on Sunday (13 May, 2012) to allow maintenance to be carried out. 

EDF Energy took the decision to take the station offline in a controlled manner, after instruments in the control room indicated there could be a potential problem with the lubrication system.

Inspection and maintenance work was carried out, allowing the power station to be brought back into service after just 43 hours offline. Turbine 1 was resynchronised to the national grid at 00.08hrs this morning (Tuesday, 15 May), followed by Turbine 2 which was resynchronised to the national grid at 11.43hrs this morning (Tuesday, 15 May).

"Safety is our over-riding priority. So, when the instruments indicated we could have a problem with the lubrication system, we took the conservative decision to take the station offline, while we fully investigated the problem and repaired any damage. This was largely done as a precautionary measure, but we were able to take swift positive action and return the power station to service within 43 hours. I would like to congratulate our staff and our contract partners for the professional and speedy way they dealt with this incident," said Sizewell B station director, Jim Crawford.

They added that Sizewell B power station is now in the process of increasing its output, in line with normal operating practice, and will soon be back supplying safe, low-carbon electricity to meet the needs of over 2 million homes.

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