Suffolk: Warning Over 'Bling' Baby Accessories

1 December 2011, 07:34 | Updated: 1 December 2011, 08:34

Parents are being warned by Suffolk Trading Standards officers against buying dangerous 'bling' baby accessories which pose a serious risk to babies and young children.

Officers say the 'bling' accessories, including dummies, dummy clips, bottles and feeding bowls, have small parts and are decorated with hand-glued beads and gems which could result in choking, inhalation or ingestion.

As a result of a recent consumer complaint, Suffolk Trading Standards test purchased 'bling' baby accessories from various traders in Suffolk and across other parts of the country. All of the items failed the tests and were found to breach serious safety rules.

During the investigation officers were contacted by colleagues from Northumberland Trading Standards who had also received various similar complaints. Both teams are now working together to address the issue and ultimately prevent members of the public from purchasing them.

Councillor Colin Spence, Suffolk County Council’s Portfolio Holder for Public Protection said; "Baby 'bling' accessories are a very dangerous trend. We would like to encourage anyone in possession of one of these items or anyone who knows of a trader selling them locally to contact us immediately.

It is vitally important that parents and carers check to see that any baby dummies or bottles comply with the appropriate safety standards and regulations. Any adhesive labels or decorations are strictly prohibited from being fixed to these items in any way so any ‘bling’ accessories seen on sale should immediately ring alarm bells."

Identified sellers in Suffolk have been contacted and advised accordingly. Investigations will continue into the sources of these products and wherever they are found they will be removed from sale.

Products that have been found to pose a safety hazard across the UK include:

'Bling' dummies - A dummy which has been modified by the addition of gems or diamantes being stuck onto the outer surface using glue.

Magnetic dummies - The teat has been removed and a magnet glued in its place, no 'bling' has been attached to these items.

'Bling' dummy clips - A string or cord is used and beads are threaded on and the two end beads glued in place, often with a personalised touch of the babies name being added.

'Bling' baby bottles - Genuine brand manufactured baby feeding bottles have been modified with the addition of ‘gems’ or ‘diamantes’ and ribbon being glued onto them.

 Bling Bottle (c) Suffolk Trading StandardsBling Dummy (c) Suffolk Trading StandardsBling Dummy Chain (c) Suffolk Trading Standards