Woman Fired At By Air Rifle Pellet

Police are investigating after a woman was struck in the arm by something like an air rifle pellet.

It happened on Wellington Esplanade in Lowestoft at around 4.30 on Wednesday afternoon.

The 65-year-old was walking along the access road between Claremont Road and Waterloo Road with some friends when she heard a whooshing noise and felt a sharp pain to her upper arm. When she looked she had sustained a small wound that was bleeding.

Police were called and officers visited properties in the area the pellet was believed to have been fired from and are continuing enquiries into the incident.

An X-ray at hospital later revealed that the pellet was lodged in the 65-year-old’s arm.

Anyone with information about the incident or the person responsible should call PC 1765 Falgate at Lowestoft on 01986 835300.