Suffolk: You Decide The Council's Budget

23 October 2011, 06:00 | Updated: 23 October 2011, 09:35

Today is the final day you can submit a survey to decide how the council spends your money

It is the first phase of the council's budget setting process where you can help decide the best way to spend the £1 billion budget.

You can take part in The Budget Challenge and have your say on key public services such as adult social care, child protection, fire and rescue and roads maintenance.

Due to a 28% reduction in the money they receive from the government alongside increased inflation and demand for services, the council have to save £50m in the next two years.

Suffolk County Council's Leader, Councillor Mark Bee. said:

"The financial challenges we are facing in Suffolk are significant, but I'm determined that we must find a way to meet them while protecting the services we all value.

"I want to hear from our partners and the people of Suffolk. It's important that we learn what services they most value and to hear what their priorities are.

"I can't pretend that difficult decisions won't have to be made. But I want to ensure that the choices we make reflect not just my views, or those of other councillors, but the values of the people we are her to serve."

Phase two will run from 1 November to 12 December and will give people the opportunity to express views on specific budget saving ideas drawn up following phase one.

The final budget will be agreed by Full Council on 9 February 2012

Suffolk County Council Leader Mark Bee