Zero Waste Mum Up For Green Award

18 March 2010, 06:12

The 'Green Oscars' of Suffolk take place in Woodbridge tonight.

Karen Cannard, who's a Mum from Bury St Edmunds has been nominated for the Community Award. She's publicly living with zero waste, and famously threw out just a plaster in seven days; reusing and recycling everything else in her home.

Other entries included: ‘Greener Fram’ for their work in engaging the wider community on environmental issues; Mill Green Brewery, for their innovative approach to reducing the brewery’s energy consumption and Karen Cannard for her innovative use of communicating the ‘zero waste message’.

Foxborough Middle School, for their work in increasing waste and recycling in their school. Birchwood primary school have engaged their eco-council in designing and building cycle racks for the children and installing solar thermal panels to their school.

David Barker, Chairman of Creating the Greenest County says, ”I have been really impressed by the number of people in Suffolk who are thinking differently to make Suffolk a greener and better place to live and work."

Hear from Karen on Heart's news bulletins this morning.