Heart Breakfast Podcast

Matt & Sarah wake up Suffolk every weekday morning from 6am. But don't panic if you miss a show, you can catch up with the best bits every week with the Heart Breakfast Podcast.

Just click on the links below to hear the best bits from the week gone by.

Friday 27th August - The texting champ, Matesgate, Mum's on film, what have you caught your parents doing? Men in the shower and school caretakers!

Friday 20th August - Felixstowe Carnival, blending in at school, big bunny, men’s pants, Vampires and Sarah won't be coming to the buffet.

Friday 13th August - The Car Vac Kids. Christmas shopping already? Airbrush weddings, befriending a courgette and Bubbles are in charge!

Friday 6th August - Sarcastic Road Rage, Superhero weddings, Freddie Mercury works at Homebase! Injuries that are too ridiculous to explain, and we no speak Americano!

Friday 30th July - Trolley help lines, what’s in his shorts? Olympic volunteers, birthday Fajitas, Dyno- Rod and Matt's Surprise party!

Friday 23rd July - Soap barmaid of the year, skin tight pants, odd compliments, the Lil family, ride to work, and don't touch the giant strawberry!

Friday 16th July - A whole lot of Linen, The seagull nappy thief, National Health tummy tucks, nudist holidays and Dads love shredding!

Friday 9th July - Rafael wins Wimbledon, National Kissing Day, George Michael at Snappy Snaps, Wedding reception dances and have you got a fear of lifts?

Friday 2nd July - Sarah's back from Glastonbury, Is Fabio in Orford, Matt's forming a club, A mushroom in the bathroom and the saddest Vuvuzela.

Friday 18th June - Matt's been taken advantage of, Lucky pants, Sarah's Kidney stones, The Cornhill Rangers and how symmetrical are you?

Friday 11th June - Matt's a lottery winner! Topless sunbathing. The lawn mowing record breaker. Who's the tallest in Sainsbury's? Corrie versus 24, and the Prime Ministers Flag.

Friday 4th June - Spray tan abuse, what’s in your bathroom? Suffolk’s youngest phonejacker, Holiday flings and Hotel extras.

Friday 28th May - Shirt of pain, Anthea's cheese wire, Sarah's unusual chat up lines, Is Matt getting eyed up? What's in your Childs school bag?

Friday 21st May - The sinister Animal list continues, pickled onion record breaker, Bin Crime, The Ferret Headmaster, Sex and the City vs. Die Hard, and Jubbly’s

Friday 14th May - Bedtime story stress. How clean is your workplace? Dressing up is the new dressing down. Matts got beef with Robin Hood, and a job for Ghandi.

Friday 7th May - Why men and women really need each other, Nan loves Snooker, Are you a Weamer? Matt’s up all night, and odd couples.

Friday 30th April - Sarah tries to get Matt dancing, iPod embarrassment, Matt’s Twitter gift, 80’s loves and hates, and are mums the best drivers?

Friday 23rd April - Bogus braces. What’s so lucky about John and Margaret? Who’s hanging out by the Pick n Mix? Hot air ballooning and what embarrassed you as a kid?

Friday 16th April - Is Matt's baby Clairvoyant? Sarah does Mother in law gags. How Baboons could ruin the World Cup. One big reason to smile and spare a thought for Thelma.

Friday 9th April - What spoilt Matt's week off? Who's in David Jason's house? Never trust a one legged seagull. How whiney is your girlfriend? An accidental mugging!

Friday 26th March - Easter egg rules, the top 5 awkward situations, never trust a talking owl, going giddy over bras, the people in life you never meet, and a naughty word search.

Friday 19th March - What’s made Matt’s ‘Bitter’ page this week? What makes Nuns so happy? The Pregnancy con, dodgy home videos and what are you in love with that’s not even real?

Friday 12th March - Hotel let downs, Matt’s lacking Turtle Power! What is a Twitten? Buble’s awards, the instant lift and watch out for Sarah on the roads!

Friday 5th March - Naked weekend, Matt launches 'Bitter', Who's got your jewellery? Sarah's home is not so sweet and were turn ups ever cool?

Friday 26th February - Half terms over, what Matt’s coming to terms with, Sarah’s fake award, top 5 smiles, Cheryl takes all the headlines….nearly, and naked sport!

Friday 19th February - Sarah uncovers her roots, the latest Jackson reunion, a guide to queuing, Matt’s model baby and teen idols

Friday 12th February - The giant Valentine’s Monkey, Barbie’s had a makeover, Gleek or bleek? Stan gets lonely and When Valentine’s Day goes bad!

Friday 5th February - The questions you really want answered on a first date, a dancing prince, frog snogging, who dropped Sir Cliff in it? And buniongate!

Friday 29th January - Matt’s rockin brush with the law, how fast do you have to run to catch Mr Right? What’s up with Rhianna? TV scruffs and big pants versus thongs!!

 Friday 22nd January - The worst time to cough, Confusing Brits nominations again, Eating in class, The worst thing you ever forgot and Sarah’s weapon of choice…

Friday 15th January - When good bargains turn bad, Deleting stress, What takes 7 seconds, A Tixy Lix OD and the Strangest thing you’ve woken up to.

Friday 8th January - Matt's motoring madness, why we've all forgotten Bad Girls, predictive text gone mad and where last years Heart mugs actually vanished to! 

Friday 11th December - The rules of festive shopping, Why men and women can never get on when it comes to driving, What Brits are doing in the bath, Flying Vicars and Radio's only 4 year old compiles his Christmas list...

Friday 4th December - December arrives, Things you've learnt you can't do whilst texting, Bunionectomy's?, Turning down proposals in public and it's amazing what you learn about cabbies on a short journey...

Friday 27th November - The annual Christmas budget chat, Who's selling Trees, Pony's in disguise, A week of counting down to Sarah's (moody) Birthday, Bath pain and our Wheel Of What Will?!?...