2 Hour Search For Missing Toddler Littlehampton

8 May 2017, 06:55 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 07:24

over Littlehampton

Police search teams were deployed to open countryside near Littlehampton on Sunday afternoon (May 7) to look for a missing two-year-old.

The boy went missing just after 3pm when he ran into a field of rape to look for a dog being walked by his father. Despite being able to hear him for some time, he could not be found and the alarm was raised.

Around 50 police officers and staff were deployed to the scene off Rope Walk, to the south-west of town, close to the River Arun. They were joined by members of the public.

Inspector Gav Whitehouse, who led the search for the boy at the scene, said: "The search was hampered by the height of the crop, which meant that those looking for him were also unable to see each other. 

"Shortly before 5pm the boy could be heard crying by a PCSO, but they could not see him. A police helicopter was directed to the area and spotted the boy using an infra-red camera, just 20 feet or so from the PCSO.

"He was reunited with his family and checked over by paramedics, but did not seem to be any the worse for wear following his ordeal. Indeed, I could hear him crying from some distance and that's always a good sign!

"I would like to thank everyone who responded, including HM Coastguard and other emergency services and especially local members of the public who volunteered to help."