Armed Police To Patrol Boundary Festival, Brighton

29 September 2017, 11:34 | Updated: 29 September 2017, 11:38


Festival goers are being encouraged to stay safe and keep an eye out for friends at this weekend’s Boundary music festival.

The event in Stanmer Park, Brighton, on Saturday (30 September) will welcome nearly 10,000 people who plan to take in the music at the festival.


Sussex Police have been working closely with the organisers, local authorities and other agencies ahead of the event to ensure safety is the main priority.

Firearms and plain-clothed officers as well specially-trained dogs will all be working on the day to keep those going to the festival safe.

Superintendent Paul Betts said: “We want everyone to enjoy the festival and officers will be working with the event security to keep people safe. The event site has a zero tolerance approach to drugs.

“There will be amnesty bins just before the search area, giving people the opportunity to dispose of any substances before they enter. Be aware you will be searched before being allowed to enter, please be patient and consider whether you really need to bring a bag as these will be searched and slow down entry.

“Drugs dogs and plain-clothes police officers will be patrolling the area and will be working closely with the site security.

Buses will be running to and from the city to the festival site and taxis will also be available at the end.

Superintendent Betts added: “People need to be aware that the site is next to a busy road and pick-ups and drop-offs are strictly in the designated areas only.

“There is a subway footpath that goes from the site to the Amex area and for people’s safety this needs to be used.

“We will have officers patrolling the roads and they will be stopping anyone who is attempting to drop-off or pick-up people in dangerous locations.

“Our offices are there to keep you safe so please feel free to speak to them and raise any concerns you have."

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