Bike Skills Day

The West Sussex Advanced Motorcyclists have linked up with a local dealer to set up a Bikes Rider Skills Day on August 1st 2010

It coincides with this warning from Sussex Police

Sussex Police want motorcyclists to enjoy and make the most of the sunny weather this weekend but to please remain safe when out riding.

Inspector Damian Merrifield, said: "We had another motorcyclist death this week, (Thursday, 24 June) on our roads which takes the death toll for the county to 13 for this year. I understand and appreciate that the weather is perfect for bikers, but we urge them to look out, take that extra bit of care and take their time and give cars and other road users a wide berth."

"If you are using the roads of Sussex this weekend or at any time, I urge you to think bike. If you're a motorist, check and double check that your next move isn't going to put a motorcyclist or any other road user at risk - everyone has a significant part to play in road safety."

"If you're a motorcyclist, please do everything that you can to make sure that the family and friends you leave behind in the morning won't be mourning your non-return that night."

The organisers of the course in August have told us what they're aiming to provide

"The idea is to bring together novice, intermediate and experienced riders from the area, with a common theme of improving their road skills on a motorcycle. This will be done on the day through the Enhanced Rider Scheme for new and back to biking riders and for more experienced riders the Institute for Adavanced Motorcyclists' Skills for Life programme. The event will be held in Burgess Hill at a fabulous facility run by Total Moto motorcycle school.

This day is particularly relevant not just at the height of the motorcycling season but also given that dealers feel that they have a duty of responsibility to new and experienced riders, who buy incredibly powerful machines, to ensure that they have the best road skills available to handle the bike and know their own limits as riders.

A huge problem the motorcyling industry has at the moment is older men in particular coming back to motorcycling after a long break, once they have more time / money, and them not being in a position to handle these modern superbikes.

Of course motorcycling is a hugely social and fun activity and so our Rider Skills day will also be.

A full day, with a sticky bun and a coffee to start the day followed by a full programme, lunch is included and a SLOW bike race to finish! The charge for the day will be £80 and places are limited to 30 riders.

We hope that the day will bring lots of different people and riders together to promote biking in a very positive light. As riders, we know biking is fun, environmentaly friendly and a wonderful way to travel BUT it always gets the wrong press due to a wayward minority of irresponsible riders."

If you are interested contact 

Emmett Reidy at Chandlers BMW Bikes 01273 426600 or Paul Millar of Total Moto 0800 610 2002 e-mail