Brighton bins carry new warning

Brighton and Hove Council have introduced new signs to the bins at Brighton beach, warning people not to dump their 'bulky' rubbish.

People caught throwing such items could now face a fine of up to £50,000 or find themselves jailed for up to five years.

The Council acknowledges that domestic bins are not big enough for larger items of waste such as mattresses, but stress that dumping these in public bins is not the answer.

CCTV will be used to keep an eye out for offenders, whilst a beach patrol will inform
the Council if they see anyone dumping their bulky waste.

A spokesperson from Brighton and Hove Council said:

"If we allowed them to be used for bulky items or by businesses
disposing of trade waste we would be depriving our tax payers of
facilities they've paid for.

"The fines and penalties are set out in the Environmental Health Act and
not by this council.

"Residents can take larger items of household rubbish such as
televisions, furniture or cookers to our household waste recycling sites
for free or arrange a bulky waste collection for a small charge.  There
are also charities and recycling organisations in the area who will
collect useful items for recycling or reuse."