Brighton: Bouncers Patrol Beach On Quad Bike

23 May 2015, 07:27

A Brighton-based security company has started beach patrols on a quad bike to look out for vulnerable people on nights out.

Heart reporter, Charlotte Wright, joined Resolve Security on their first patrol. Scroll down to hear from the night.

Throughout the summer, every Friday and Saturday evening between 11pm and 5am, Resolve Security will drive a quad bike back and forth across the beach to discourage people from going in to the sea.

11am: The launch

It follows a number of cases of young people getting into trouble in the water after going for a swim under the influence of alcohol.

In January, two young men died when they were swept out to sea in the early hours of the morning.

1am: What do the clubbers make of it?

The quad bike is equipped with a first aid kit, defibrillator, thermal blankets and a radio which connects all the security across the city.

Specially-trained members of door staff will take it in turns to run the quad bike along the seafront and the shoreline between the Palace pier and the West pier.

They will also be looking out for people who are unwell from the amount of alcohol they have consumed, or who look like they could be victims of predatory behaviour.

2am: Meeting people on the beach

There are a number of clubs and bars along the seafront and it is a popular place for young people to go out, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights,

4am: Encouraging swimmers out of the water

The Resolve Security Beach Patrol Project is a not for profit project, entirely funded by Resolve Security Ltd. The company plans to work closely with Sussex Police, RNLI Coastguards and the seafront clubs.