Brighton: Ex-Corrie Star Plans 'Dry' Pub

15 January 2014, 06:00

Kevin Kennedy who played Curly Watts in the Soap is a recovering alcoholic.

Along with his wife Clare he's now set to open a 'dry' pub in Brighton in order to provide people with a place where they can have fun, but don't feel under any pressure to drink.

Instead of beer and cider people will be able to buy tea, coffee and mocktails while listening to live music from local bands, they also want to showcase local artwork on the walls.

The pub will be open to everyone, but will be staffed by recovering alcoholics like Kevin and his wife.

They want it to be a place where anyone who feels like they might have a problem with drink can come and find out more information without feeling uncomfortable.

Kevin told us he wanted it to be somewhere safe to hang out and have fun without being judged and without having to drink.

The idea fits in nicely with 'dry' January a campaign that a lot of people across the country are taking part in now to try and stay off the booze for the whole month.

Kevin is currently 16 years sober and said that having something like this while he was battling his addiction would have helped him.

Listen to our full interview with Kevin Kennedy below;

Kevin Kennedy on 'dry' pub plans