Brighton: Needles Found In Park

15 June 2015, 13:34

Police patrols are being stepped up in a Brighton park after drug needles have been found in the playground several times this month

The park is situated between two schools and parents have been told to be extra careful when visiting Queen's Park

Police say the hypodermic needles are usually found in the play house near the swings or behind the cafe

Similar problems are also being reported at the Level and in Pavilion gardens


Brighton and Hove City Council statement

“We are aware that drug litter is being found in Queens Park and the council is making this a priority area. We have put up posters and are making daily checks for drug litter in the play spaces. The community safety team has offered to meet with residents.
“Pavilions and their partners run local drug and alcohol services and the needle exchanges and they are reminding clients to dispose of their needle waste safely.
“If you find a needle or syringe, don’t touch it. Call the environment contact centre on 01273 292929 to report it, or out of hours on (01273) 292229.”

Sussex Police Statement

Police patrols have been stepped up and are paying particular attention to Queen's Park, Brighton, and its surrounds after reports that discarded hypodermic needles and syringes are being found in the area. They are thought to have behind been left by drug addicts and may pose a particular risk to children.
Sergeant Chris Durrant, of the Brighton Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: "Anyone finding such items should not handle them but report their location to police or the local authority. Some have protective caps on the needles, but there is always the risk of pricking fingers or thumbs with the consequent risk of infection."

The poster in Queens Park