Brighton Seafront Arches Saftey Concerns

16 August 2015, 09:40 | Updated: 16 August 2015, 09:44

Brighton and Hove City Council are taking action to prevent sections of the Terraces from collapsing and to make the area safe for the public after a survey revealed further structural defects.

Surveying showed that the steel beams embedded in the concrete, supporting the deck of the Terraces, have corroded and the cast iron has come to the end of its useful life. Repairs cannot be made and a rebuild is needed.

Engineers recently advised that the entire length of the structure should now be closed. The temporary fencing will be replaced with a more permanent anti-climb fence in the autumn or winter following the busy summer season.

Road access
The road is currently operating two-way traffic.

Businesses at Madeira Terraces
JAG gallery
A corroded beam in one of the vacated bays of the JAG Gallery, is being structurally supported but is in such a poor state that repairs can no longer maintain the structure properly. The risk from the damaged beam is high and we’ve taken the tough decision to ask the gallery to move out by 1 September.

Studio 284
Studio 284 is accessed by a staircase which is reached underneath the Terraces and could be affected by the corroded beams. Therefore, this tenant has also been asked to move out. The council is working with the JAG Gallery and Studio 284 to see whether relocation is possible.

Concorde 2
Concorde 2 remains open at the Terraces. Work will be carried out to stabilise the arches either side of Concorde 2. A structural inspection will also be undertaken of the Concorde 2 building.

A traffic order has been approved for a temporary road closure adjacent to the venue on Friday and Saturday nights to allow large audiences to queue more safely.