Dawn donates dog

18 August 2011, 16:07 | Updated: 19 August 2011, 11:45

Comedian Dawn French has donated her 9ft canine to Shoreham Dog's Trust.

The giant dog sculpture was commissioned by the larger than life character from one of her books to appear alongside her in a TV advert.

Dawn French, who is also a proud dog owner herself, explains:

"I'm delighted that Poo has found a new home at Dog Trust’s rehoming centre in Shoreham.  I created her as one of the characters in my very first novel, A Tiny Bit Marvellous, and she went on to feature in giant form in the TV advert for the book, which has since become a No.1 Bestseller. I hope that some of that success rubs off for Dogs Trust and that Poo helps the centre to find loving homes for their canine residents."

Vicky Heaton, Dogs Trust Assistant Manager, says:
"We're very grateful to Dawn for this kind gift. Poo has become quite an attraction at the rehoming centre – her head peeps over the centre’s fence so people have been dropping by to marvel at her size, which is great as it means the dogs are getting a look in too.”

Vicky adds: “We’re used to taking in dogs of all shapes and sizes here but we’d struggle to find a kennel big enough for Poo! She’s now taken up residence in our exercise field. Poo looks a lot like a Scottie dog called Cedric who was rehomed from the centre a few years ago so we’re thinking of renaming Poo in his honour! We’d like to encourage anyone thinking of getting a dog to pay us a visit, whether you’re after a large or small dog, pedigree or crossbreed, it’s worth getting in touch as you might just find your perfect match.”