Eastbourne: Dog Abandoned At Railway Station

16 February 2015, 11:21 | Updated: 16 February 2015, 11:37

A dog has been abandoned outside Eastbourne railway station with nothing but a takeaway tray of water.

The animal appeared to be so sad at being left that tears filled his eyes and rolled down his face.

The black Staffordshire Bull Terrier-type dog was tied to a railing and left with just a small pot of water on Wednesday by a person who arrived and left in a taxi.

This photo of the animal, looking forlorn, has been shared dozens of times on the internet with people calling for help for the 'crying' dog.

Dog wardens were alerted by people who heard the animal whining and was taken to a home after an hour.

He is now being looked after by contractors working for Eastbourne District council who are trying to trace the owner.

If they are unsuccessful it is hoped the forlorn animal may be able to be re-homed in a similar way to Kai, the Shar-Pei dog abandoned at Ayr in Scotland just after Christmas.

The Scottish SPCA received offers to rehome him from as far away as Hong Kong, New York and the Philippines. He now has a new owner.


(Picture of the dog supplied by Lost Box, click here to find out more).