Brighton: Family Say "Cancer Is Pants" With Social Media Campaign

30 April 2015, 06:00

A family from Sussex is asking people to take a selfie with their underwear on their head as part of their #CancerIsPants fundraising campaign.

Louise Howes, 39, from Brighton, was diagnosed with advanced stage 4 breast cancer in January, after four years in remission.

She is hoping to try a new treatment that would require travelling to Germany, as it's not currently available in the UK.

So her children, Ella, Tom, William and Ned, are encouraging people to take a selfie with their pants on their head and donate to their campaign.

They've recorded a video to say thank you to people who have donated already.

They need to raise £50,000. You can visit their fundraising page here.

Louise has praised people in Brighton for their support, she said "Brighton's got an amazing community. It's like they are looking after one of their own."

She told Heart about why the campaign is successful: "the idea of #CancerIsPants is just amazing because it is so stupid and so silly".

And she said it is great to see that people "like to get behind something fun and something slightly ridiculous".

Here's Louse and her 18-year-old daughter, Ella.