Family Tribute To Bexhill Couple

The family of Audrey Ellen Taylor and Donald Clifford Brian Taylor wish to make a short statement in testament to their lives:

Both my brother and I are finding the recent events which have transpired very difficult and extremely painful to come to terms with.

We would like to express that our mum was our inspiration; she was a very strong and protective lady with extremely high family values; she was extremely protective of us both and we grew up to be supported within her close, large family.

Through part of our childhood and adult life she was a single parent and we will always respect her and will carry forth cherished memories of the times we spent together. Mum was a warm, friendly woman; she always had a smile on her face and a light-hearted attitude towards life. Mum had been a fashion consultant and adored the world of fashion. Mum had many friends - one in particular she had known for many, many years and, as they advanced in years, they spent more time on the telephone than in the town.

Mum's constant companion over the past 12 years had been Rowan, her adorable miniature poodle, who never left her side and was her faithful friend.

Recently, Mum told me of some of the happy times in her childhood.  Mum had a wonderful ability to remember the tiniest details of her past. She had wonderful parents who would always give their support to her and us. Our Mum had a wicked sense of humour and her eyes twinkled at the stories of her childhood; she would giggle; and that was the time it was so apparent she was truly happy.

Unfortunately, our parents' marriage was not without its problems. Our father, although a clever and hard working man, was not as carefree and fun-loving as our mum. Over the years he became a successful business man, owning several properties in the Tunbridge Wells area. However, he never found himself able to fully enjoy the fruits of his labour.

The family is in extreme shock and disbelief over current events. We ask the media to let us now put our parents to rest and for us to be given the time to grieve and come to terms with these tragic event.