Hastings Launches Student Safety Zones

The safer Hastings partnership says it is constantly involved in new ways to keep Hastings a safer place with reduced crime.

They have many initiatives they are involved with but as the language season starts, Hastings Borough Council and Sussex Police have relaunched the 'Student Safety Zone' scheme. 

Student Safety Zone logoThey believe this will help visiting students if they become lost from their group or if they are in a situation where they feel intimidated. Many retail shops and other outlets around Hastings and St. Leonards will display the newly designed Safety Zone sticker, so students from overseas know this is where they can go and feel safe.

The Safety Zone is operated in partnership by Sussex Police: Hastings Borough council's 'Hastings Overseas Student Advisory Committee' ('HOSAC') and Town Centre Management.

Kevin Boorman, chair of HOSAC explained, "With 35,000 overseas students visiting the town a year, some can get lost, and incidents can arise. 'Safety Zones' are being provided by a number of shops, cafes etc., across the town, and a lost or distressed language student can safely go into one of these to find help"

"The town's language students generate an estimated £35m a year for the local economy, so it really is big business for us. It is important that our young overseas visitors feel safe and welcome"