Hastings Man Jailed For Life For Murder

A man has been sentenced to life imprison for the murder of a man in Hastings fourteen years ago whose body has never been found.


26 year old Jason Martin-Smith was last seen being forced into a car in Hastings on the 22 August 2001 and he has not been seen by anyone since.

It's believed he was killed because he had implicated others over a  burglary in Hampshire that june where £36,000 worth of goods were stolen.

Today 36-year-old Mark Searle of Chambers Road, St Leonards has been told he will serve a minimum of 29 years in jail.

while 42-year-old Stephen McNicol, of Whitefriars Road in Hastings was found guilty of conspiracy to kidnap. he's been sentenced to four and a half years.

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